A Royal Dance: The Lion And The Butterfly
The Lion And The Butterfly
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Blurb: Jerusha's father dotes on her and calls her Royalty, a lioness who will one day dance before his King. She adores her father, but cannot tell him her darkest secret. Instead of dancing like other Jewish girls, Jerusha sits alone plagued by guilt for a crime she did not commit. Who will believe her story against the word of the most respected religious leader in Jerusalem? Jerusha's fears are amplified when her Jewish mother, who is deceived by the high priest, forces Jerusha to leave her father's protection and live as a lowly servant in Herod's palace. Will the esteemed son of the high priest still want to marry her? Or will Timon, her father's handsome apprentice, win her heart? Caught between the orthodox beliefs of her beautiful Jewish mother and her father's newfound faith in the Messiah, Yeshua, Jerusha is plummeted into a soul- wrenching family tragedy that leaves her with more questions than answers. Take an unforgettable journey in this first book of the Lion and the Butterfly series. Walk the dusty streets of first century Jerusalem and discover the chrysalis of hope for a new beginning through faith in Yeshua.

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