Audio CD-Destiny Of Israel And The Church (4 CD)
Understanding the Middle East Through Biblical Prophecy
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Blurb: Israel is at the center of a powerful clash of forces.

The only reliable source of light upon the situation in the Middle East is provided by God's prophetic Word. If we do not seek the light that comes from this source, we will inevitably find ourselves in the dark, subject to confusion and deception.

God has established firm covenants with both Israel and the church. The church had its origin within Israel, but over the centuries the destinies of the two groups have diverged widely-until now. An exciting feature of our time is that the destinies of Israel and the church are once again beginning to converge. This God-ordained convergence will produce the most dramatic and significant developments in all of human history.

In The Destiny of Israel and the Church, renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince explores the answers to these questions, and more:

Has the church replaced Israel in God's plan?

Why is the tiny nation of Israel the focus of world attention?

What is the restoration of Israel?

What is the responsibility of Christians toward Israel?

When will true justice and lasting peace come to the Middle East?

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